March 2014

Kids Fashion: Little Super Star

My good friend Alicia from Chica Fashion recently recommended that I sign up to FabKids, an online, membership based kids store that offers personalized, affordable and ready-to-play clothes, and so I did.

For a while now, I have been struggling finding clothes for my daughter that will fit her nicely due to her incredibly slim body and tall figure. I have always been afraid of buying anything online because most clothes always fit her very loose for her weight but short for her figure. Alicia, who has featured outfit posts with her daughter here and here, suggested I try FabKids out. I really liked all their outfits and was really interested to check them out. So, I took my friend’s suggestion and signed up.

Now, I’m really happy!

FabKids Amelie 3

After signing up, I was able to purchase an entire outfit plus the second one free for just $29.95. This outfit my daughter picked herself.

Although the pants fit a little loose, I really had no problem with it. In Amelie’s case, all pants fit loose. I thought the pants looked really cute. The shirt fit her perfectly. She loves the golden start in the chest and said she felt like a super star wearing it. She wore the outfit for a family Sunday where she ran, jumped and played all day with her bother and cousins. She felt really comfortable in this outfit and by the end of the day, she was still looking really cute and put together.

Now, I can’t wait to have her wear the second outfit we got. I will also be getting an outfit for my son soon.

You can sign up to FabKids using this referral link and get 50% off your first outfit! How is that for a deal?

2 thoughts on “Kids Fashion: Little Super Star

  1. Aww! She looks adorable in her FabKids outfit! My daughter has the same pants. They were a little big on her as well! We have the tall/skinny problem too. LOL I love FabKids!

    • Hola Virginia, thank you! Yes, their outfits are so adorable. Isn’t the tall/skinny problem a big headache? At least now I know I’m not alone on this. LOL Thanks for reading.

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